Custom Cakes

At Anna's Bakeshop we specialize in custom cakes that are beautiful, elegant and DELICIOUS!  We want to make your celebration or event the best it can possibly be, and we will work together with you to create your perfect cake.

All of our signature cakes are distinctive with their tall layers, and are finished with buttercream. 

Click here to learn how to order and let us create a custom cake just for you.

Gluten: All of our cakes are available in gluten sensitive versions.
Nuts: While most of these cakes do not contain nuts, we do work with peanuts and tree nuts in our kitchen.
Eggs and Dairy: Some of our cakes do not contain eggs and/or dairy, ask which ones are ok for you to eat!

While gluten, eggs, dairy, peanuts and tree-nuts may not directly be found in your cake, we do bake with all these ingredients in our kitchen and cross-contamination may occur. These cakes are not recommended for those with severe allergies.

Each cake is made uniquely for you, and because of this, there is no set price for cakes.  Cake prices depend on the size of the cake, the flavours of the cake/filling/icing, and the decoration on the cake.  


Flavours of Cake
Vanilla (light and airy) 
Vanilla (moist and dense) 
Red Velvet 
Texas Italian 

Flavours of Fillings 
Vanilla Pastry Cream
Strawberries & Pastry Cream 
Lemon Curd 
Dark Chocolate Ganache 
White Chocolate Ganache 
Salted Caramel 
Cream Cheese
Chocolate Fudge 

Vanilla Buttercream 
Chocolate Buttercream 
Peanut Butter 
Salted Caramel Buttercream